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Wingstar Fitness
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Work in progress on Progressive Web Application (PWA) for a South Australian personal fitness and weight management business. Client requested a solution with a particular focus on simple administration of existing and future content, as well as strong integration with existing FaceBook Group content, membership levels and events.

The website/HTML aspect of the app is of course WordPress/PHP/MySQL-based thereby satisfying client’s need for a basic, yet scalable CMS and its content is a 2-way marriage of the WP REST API and FaceBook’s increasingly restricted Graph API. Mobile-wise, an Angular5 + Ionic4 mesh of PWA and native device components consumes (and stores locally for offline use) the website’s MySQL database.

The premise of future content updates was a system where new posts/articles could be published via either platform – i.e. Wingstar’s FaceBook Page and associated ‘Closed Group’ and the website’s news blog. Content posted by admins on either of platform would automatically synchronise with and update the other. Post/edit/update once and the result would propagate across Wingstar’s entire ‘web-presence’.

Wingstar’s FaceBook setup meant pulling and digesting content from its Page, Page Feed, Page Events, as well as its multiple Closed Groups (incl. Feed, Posts, Pictures and Events) via FaceBook’s Graph API. Unfortunately this presented a bit of a headache as quite different permissions are required (at an App or User level) to get FB’s API to return Page vs. Closed Group data.

Features so far include:

  • Full 2-way sync between posts, news and events Website <-> FaceBook (incl. Groups)
  • Member and re-occuring subscription facilities tied into WPs’ account system & pre-existing FB Group subscriptions
  • Ionic4-based native Android App supporting news, real-time chat, account access, subscription payments and Push Notifications
  • Content restriction based on subscription and membership levels
  • Customized ‘admin’ portal for ease of use/updates as requested by client
  • Much more…

I will report further once the project is complete, particularly with respect to the Ionic 4/Mobile App integration, which has been a really interesting challenge.

I plan to make the Ionic4/App code available/open upon completion… well, a bare-bones skeleton version thereof, of course.

Check back soon!

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